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Hand and foot treatments:

Essential Manicure  $30                                                                      30 mins

This treatment involves soaking your hands in softener to soften dead skin cells. Then, your nails
are clipped, shaped, remove cuticles, and follow hand massage. The nail technician will apply
regular nail paint. Essential manicure is fast, simple to do, and easy to switch up in just several

Shellac Manicure  $35                                                                        45 mins

Shellac is a type of manicure that is applied to your natural nails, nail polish that is cured and
hardened with a UV light. Shellac will last a lot longer than traditional nail polish. It is less hard
than gel nails. This process will follow after an essential manicure.

Luxurious Manicure  $40                                                                60 mins

If you have dry or overworked hands, your best bet for beautiful nails is Luxury manicure. For
this technique, paraffin wax is used to infuse the skin with moisture, leaving it smooth and
supple. Follows Hand massage and then finish with a manicure polish look. In some paraffin
treatments, essential oils are also used for an extra moisturizing effect. 

Gel nails

If you have short or brittle nails, the answer is gel nails. The gel makes your nails look sleek and
stylish. Gel nails are basically a type of artificial nails. The employee at the salon will get your
nails cleaned and cut, and then apply the chemical gel to create the artificial nails. The next step is
curing your nails under UV or LED light, and once they are dried, color and design of your
choice are applied.

Full set of gel  $65+
Gel overlay  $55+
Gel fill  $50+
Nail Repairs  $8
Gel removal  $25
Polish Change  $15
Gel polish removal  $15
Paraffin Heat treatment  $10

Essential Pedicure  $55                                                                      45+ mins

It is an essential treatment for your toes. This method starts with a warm foot soak and a foot scrub.
It is followed by clipping your nails, shaping or filing the edges, pushing of cuticles, foot
massage, moisturizing and applying nail polish. This type of pedicure is suitable for people
who prefer a simple and direct maintenance treatment.

Shellac Pedicure  $75                                                                         60+ mins

If you prefer a longer-lasting treatment, shellac pedicure may be more suitable for you. A gel
pedicure consists of using a standard nail polish which is applied to the same method as an essential
pedicure. Special about this technique is the UV light that helps cure the gel nail polish between
each coating. Your gel nail polish will appear dry to the touch with no sticky feeling. This way
you won’t have to worry about messing up your nails right after you get a pedicure. 

Luxurious Pedicure  $80                                                               75+ mins

If you have dry and cracked feet, Luxury pedicure provides excellent results. This treatment
follows essential pedicure and your feet are dipped in paraffin wax to help soften and moisturize
your skin. The warm paraffin wax opens up the pores of your skin, soothes aching joints and
improves circulation. This is a popular choice for people who want to have young and soft
looking feet.

Foot detox Treatment  $45                                                          30+ mins

Foot detoxes are becoming more and more popular as a way to rid the body of harmful toxins.
Potential toxins can range from impurities in the air, to chemicals in your home and beauty
products. It is usually an ionized foot bath designed to restore energy and balance PH while
facilitation of the body. The color and consistency of the water in which feet have been soaking
show result of pollutants being removed from the body.

Polish Change  $15
Paraffin Heat treatment $10