Eyebrow Threading or Waxing $16

Back and Chest Waxing $95

Full Arms Wax $45

Full Legs Wax $70

Underarms Wax $20

Foot and Hand Treatments

Manicure  $35                                             45 Minutes

This treatment involves soaking your hands in softener to soften dead skin cells. Then, your nails are clipped, shaped, remove cuticles, and follow hand massage. Included Paraffin wax.

Pedicure $55                                                1 Hour

This method starts with a warm foot soak and a foot scrub. It is followed by the heel, clipping your nails, shaping or filing the edges, pushing of cuticles, moisturizing and applying paraffin wax. Including Foot massage to the knees.

Face treatments  $ 99                                 1 Hour 15 Minutes

A most commonly, a deep cleaning style depending on skin types includes exfoliate, extractions, facial masks, peels, massage or treat the skin of the face. It helps skin looked refreshed and feeling smooth, reducing lines and the effects of sun damage.